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Every year the Dutch MS research foundation is organising the Dutch MS research days, on which Dutch MS research present their research. Last year, I held an invited presentation there to talk about my own and my family’s MS, as well as my research funded by the research foundation. Last year I met many renowned researchers there. This year I really wanted to meet everybody again, but I still don’t believe that driving myself is safe and using public transportation would be too exhausting. Therefore I thought I would have to skip the meeting. When I told the MS research foundation that I wouldn’t attend because of this, they told me that they could arrange transportation for me if that would help. This offer was amazingly generous, and I gladly made use of it. I decided to attend yesterday’s event, which was not only the second day of the research days but was also a special day that the foundation organized for MS patients. I met many people and attended talks. It was exhausting, but it felt great to be able to be there. Today I am extra tired and have muscle pain in my legs, but it was worth it.

This morning I noticed a few new nose hairs (what is it about my nose hairs). I assume that like last time, this is going to be the start of my cell’s recovery. Last time when I was at the VUmc I asked the hematologists there about this phenomenon (nose hairs to be the first to go and the first to come back), but they never heard of this before…

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