Month: February 2018

Not much happening

I guess that no news is good news. Not much is happening at the moment. I still have my ‘regular’ MS symptoms such as balance and energy issues, but apart from that, things are just fine.

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I turned 40 yesterday. The big four zero. Twenty years ago, I had the feeling that when you hit thirty you are old, and forty is ancient. But since 2004, when I met my wife Adrienne, every birthday has felt like a reason to celebrate. Every birthday I could look back on all the great things that happened the past year; fantastic vacations, the birth of our children, doing work that I loved, etc.
After the great results of my last MRI scan, there was an extra reason to celebrate my fortieth birthday. I didn’t feel ‘really old’, but more like ‘great to have reached the age of forty’.
I, of course, hope to add many years to my age, but even more, I hope that on every birthday I can look back at the past year and smile at the wonderful things that happened that year; my amazing family, my great friends, the things that I did the last year, and the new people that I met.

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