Month: May 2018


I feel good. My curly hair is back, and I feel better than two years ago. That isn’t to say that two years ago I felt healthy, but it for sure is better than a year ago. One year ago I wouldn’t have believed you if you had told me that I would be swimming with the kids next year.

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Diving in the Philippines

From April 7 until May 5 Adrienne the kids and I were on vacation in the Philippines. Adrienne’s parents are living in Manila, and we had a great time visiting them. From the 21st until the 25th Adrienne and I went on a short diving trip while we left the kids at her parent’s place. We had a great time. Even though it was 35C and the cabin only had a single small fan, that was on about half of the night due to the intermittent power supply, we slept well.
The dive crew helped me by carrying the heavy bottle and weight belt above water. The diving itself went great. Check out a video of me diving on youtube.

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