Month: November 2018

MRI scan clean

A new check-up MRI scan was made on the 13th of November. My neurologist would call me with the results on the evening of the 21st. I was looking up to the eight days of uncertainty and stress. But already on the morning of the 14th, I received an automated email from the electronic patient dossier at the VUmc, that a new result had been uploaded (these messages are automated and linked to the internal hospital system, every patient that registers for “Mijn Dossier” receives them).
I wasn’t sure whether I would want to look into the file, it would only be the radiologist’s report, so if there were anything abnormal in there, I would have to wait until the 21st to discuss it with my neurologist.
With a pounding heart in my chest, I opened the website and read the report. It was a lengthy radiology report in medical jargon. It took a few moments until I was sure that it read, “no sign of lymphoma, no new MS activity. Images are consistent with complete remission.”
You can imagine that it was a big relief. Later that day my neurologist confirmed the report when I emailed her about this.
The next scan will be in a year, assuming nothing clinically happens before then.

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