Lush nose hair

Thomas’ impression of Gru and Dru from the Despicable me movie.

I haven’t written much on my blog lately. Things are slowly improving, apart from having a nasty cold, my energy is slowly getting better. Things are not yet as they were before the start of the treatment but they surely have improved from when I left the hospital after the stem cell harvest.

Together with a physiotherapist, I am working to improve my fitness. When the next treatment will start next week Thursday my health will inevitably deteriorate, so I am trying to go into the treatment as fit as possible.

Also, in some places, my hair has started growing again. Strangely nose hair seems to be the first to go and the first to grow back. I haven’t been able to come up with a convincing reasoning for this; I don’t think my nose hair is exceptionally lush.

It feels strange to get better at home and then go to the hospital to feel worse again. Hopefully, the treatment will work and it will be the last time.

Last weekend friends took care of the kids, which allowed Adrienne and I to spend time together. After a nice lunch on Sunday we picked up the kids again, and Thomas and I went to see the new despicable me movie. It was fun to watch the movie together.

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