On the 18th of May, I already posted about the kids’ book Chemo-Kasper. It is a book by Helle Modzfeldt about Chemo-Kasper, a chemo-agent. He eats cancer cells, but his eyes are bad, that is why he needs glasses. Sometimes, when he is attacking bad cells, he loses his glasses. Afterward, he can’t see very well and he starts eating healthy cells by accident. This can cause all kinds of problems in the body. When he eats hair cells you can lose your hair, or when he eats cells in your stomach, you can feel sick. Some of the bad cancer cells also tend to hide, so that Chemo-Kasper can’t find them. Because they multiply fast, these unfound cancer cells will cause problems in the future again. Thomas loves this book. It explains cancer and chemo very well. There is a Dutch Adobe Flash version online, and a German PDF. We ordered the book, and Thomas is showing and explaining it to everybody. Yesterday we drew the main characters, the cancer cell, Thomas the patient and Chemo-Kasper. I laminated them so the kids could play with them in their bath.

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Wat een geweldige manier om op deze manier met zo’n moeilijk onderwerp om te gaan. Leuk en supergoed!

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