Reading to the kids

The hospital has a special crate for kids that visit. The crate has toys, crayons, dress-up material and children’s books about cancer. I read these to them, as they explain what is going on. The book that I am reading in the picture explains cancer cells and chemo in children’s words. Unfortunately the book explains later that these bad cells are in the body of ‘Thomas’, the protagonist. Luckily I didn’t read the story word for word, and could tell the story of papa instead.

The tiger in the background of the picture is Thomas’ favorite stuffed animal. He lend it to me for as long as I am sick.


Thomas denkt na over wat je vertelt en Nils bekijkt de plaatjes. Het is heel fijn dat dit materiaal er is zodat het niet onnodig beangstigend of akelig is voor de kinderen. Maar jullie zijn open en eerlijk naar ze en dat is super!

Wat super lief dat Thomas z’n favoriete knuffel zo lang op jou laat letten! 🙂 Heel veel sterkte de komende tijd!!

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