Closing my ‘Activity Rings’

I attended a research meeting in October last year. The MS researchers there mentioned that in scientific literature and in their tests it had been shown that being active is not only beneficial for your physical fitness, but it also contributes a lot to your cognitive performance.
Since that meeting, I have been closing the ‘activity rings’ on my Apple watch every single day. I was on a 120-day streak of closing my rings. Even on days that I didn’t feel great, I pushed myself to close all the rings. It became kind of an addiction.
Last Sunday and Monday I felt awful. I guess Thomas coughed on me one too many times. I had to stay in bed for most of Sunday. Even though I have been doing great lately, I couldn’t help but think “Do I feel dizzy? Is my headache the same as in 2017? Did my tumor come back, or is my MS active again?”. I have been feeling a lot better again lately, and I have been able to continue closing my ‘rings’, but I guess that the ‘fear of getting seriously ill’ will rear its head every time that I feel bad. Luckily up to now, that does not happen very often.

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