Great get-together with old colleagues/friends

Yesterday I went to the house of a former colleague and good friend for a get-together with colleagues/friends from when I was working at the Eindhoven University of Technology some ten years ago. She organized this gathering to celebrate me doing so great. It was fantastic to see everyone again. Even though I had seen many of the people at Prof. Bart’s retirement in December, it felt like ages ago since I saw them.

Feeling sick feels like ages ago.

Our family just returned from a short vacation in Riga (Latvia) and Zürich (Switzerland) and even though I still am not as fit as a healthy person, we had a great time and everything went well. How things were or what might have been, has moved to the back of my brain.

Animals are still masters in accepting things as they are, living in the here and now, and just making the most of a situation without lingering on what was, or might have been. I am sure that when we embrace just a sliver of this attitude to life, our everyday experiences can be a lot brighter.

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