I’m not drunk, I have MS

Twice per week I attend a physiotherapy training group. During the Monday session I practice my balance with various exercises, and on Thursdays, I train my muscle strength. Yesterday I slightly overdid the exercises, making my legs so tired that they feel like pudding today. As a result, I spent most of the morning sitting on the couch. In the afternoon I had to pick up Thomas from school. His schoolhouse is close by, so I walked like I do every day. This afternoon my legs were extra wobbly, and it cost me some effort to steer them in the right direction.
I overlooked a car that was slowly driving in the parking lot that I pass on my way to school. When the vehicle crossed my path I wanted to stop, but my wobbly legs reacted a tad bit late, and the car had to slow down as I passed.
A heavily tattooed driver opened his window to shout (freely translated from angry dialect) “don’t drink so much, and watch out!”. I answered that I had MS and that too much drinking was not the problem. Still angrily swinging his tattooed arms around he shouted: “then at least watch out!” as he drove off. I shouted back “you are right, and I’m sorry.”
This somewhat entertaining encounter reminded me of something I felt more than a year ago. Back then, there were times when I felt that my body was reacting as if I was drunk, wobbly legs, lousy coordination, distracted, and back then, a slur. Even if I don’t need one, I sometimes feel like walking with a cane, just to show that I (most likely) am not drunk.

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l’histoire se répète.. Long time ago the same thing happend to Theo picking you up from school. Funny and again not funny at all.
So, people do not change at all in spite of all the information there is nowadays.
Best you can do: laugh about it and keep on going… wobbling or not.

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