Yesterday we went to a zoo in Overloon. Even though it was just above freezing, and there was a lot of water and snow, we had a good time. Unfortunately, I was the only one wearing regular shoes (it wasn’t that snowy and wet here in Den Bosch), so my feet were completely wet and cold halfway through, nonetheless, we had a good time. We reserved a wheelchair for me, and although that would have kept my feet dry, I didn’t need to make use of it a lot (mostly to be taxied over flooded parts of the path). Sitting in a wheelchair and not moving in this weather is cold!
It is great that these outings are possible. I was infected by a cold after the symposium on the first of December, which had a negative impact on my recovery, but judging by my current ‘snottiness-level’ this should be over in a week. On my head, downy soft little hair is emerging and I started shaving daily again to get rid of very few enthusiastic pubescent facial hair.

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Heerlijk dat jullie wee samen kunnen genieten!

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