Next scan planned for January 12th 2018

My body is still spending a lot of energy to repair the damage of the last round of chemotherapy. Very slowly things seem to improve, but I spend most of the day sitting on the couch too exhausted to even read a simple magazine.
I received a letter from the VU that my next MRI is scheduled for the 12th of January 2018. Thinking about it, it feels more stressful than the previous MRI scans. Now the treatment protocol is over; if everything goes well, there will be no more treatments in the future. Before, the MRI’s didn’t need to be completely clean because another round of chemotherapy was still coming. Now, the planned treatment is completed; there should be no growth visible of the cancers and also there should be no active MS lesions.
I, of course, hope that the treatment worked as good as possible and that no further treatment is necessary. It is very likely that the upcoming MRI scan will not show the opposite, but I sometimes can’t help thinking about the alternative.


Ga nu stap voor stap, Bram en vertrouw op die goede uitkomst. xxx

Keeping my fingers crossed, Bram! You’re blog has been inspiring and informative so far. You’re positive and inquisitive attitude is a joy to all of us, depsite the troubling situation you find yourself in. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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