Day +14

Thomas’s ‘ghost’ on my IV pole accompanies me on all my strolls

This morning I again woke up with fever. Later in the morning I was sent for a thorax X-ray, but nothing was found. The fever also disappeared after a few hours. I am regularly taking paracetamol, which in addition to reducing pain also reduces fever. Perhaps that’s why I have fever in the mornings (they give me the last paracetamol at 22h), and for the rest of the day maybe the fever is suppressed by paracetamol (they give them at 6h, 12h, 17h and 22h). If I again wake up with a fever tomorrow I might be sent for a thorax CT and bronchoscopy, as a lung bacteria or fungus could be the cause). Let’s see what will happen tomorrow, I am also curious about the blood results of tomorrow’s lab.

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