Day +7

My blood counts have dropped, my platelet count is now 4 and the normal range is 150-400 (in some arbitrary units) and my hemoglobin count is 5.3 and the normal range is 14-17 g/dl. My counts are so low, that I am getting a bag of donor platelets and three bags of red blood cells. These transfusions will hopefully make me a bit more energetic and the platelets will make my blood clot again (I noticed that there are small hemorrhages on my skin and blood in my nose).
Together with the platelet and the red blood cell counts, the white blood cell count is extremely low (they report <0.1), which means that I am very susceptible for infections. White blood cells can’t be transfused from a donor, these would recognize the cells in my body as foreign and attack them. To minimize the risk of an infection, I am given many antibiotics and anti fungals. For the rest I am having tummy ache and generally just don’t feel great, but it is more than bearable. Today Thomas and Nils came over for a visit, but Thomas was complaining about tummy pain and Nils sneezed, so unfortunately they quickly had to leave again. It is better to be safe than sorry as an infection, when uncontrollable, can be fatal.


Moet lachen om Thomas’ spookje, gemaakt van een bekertje en lange sliertjes crêpe-papier. Leuk zo’n grappig knutseltje naast die zakken bloedcellen en spoelvloeistof. Kijk daar zo nu en dan maar naar.
Je bent een kanjer, Bram!

Nog eventjes vol houden Bram en je komt als superhuman uit de ziekenhuis ??? En Platelet klinkt klinkt wel heel erg bekend in de oren ?????

Ik hoop dat je snel opknapt na de transfusie. Nog even doorbijten, maar dat kan jij!

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