Day 0, getting the stem cells back

I just got a part of my stem cells back. They harvested 38 million stem cells / kg body weight, but the maximum that they give back is 5 million (more has not shown any additional benefit). Reinfusing the stem cells took only ten minutes. Now it is up to them to repair the damage the chemo’s are doing. The dip in which my blood cell counts drop to zero will start any day now. Without reinfusion of the stem cells recovery would take 7-8 weeks (with all risks of infection extended), with the stem cell reinfusion they expect the dip to take 2-3 weeks.
I still feel somewhat nauseous and my mouth has started to hurt, this could indicate the start of mucositis, something very common after the chemo’s and unfortunately very painful. I can just hope that this time will pass soon without too many negative events.


I wish speedy recovery! I hope it all will go smooth!

Still thinking of you. Greetings from Switzerland.

Eindelijk! Ook al voel je je niet zo lekker er is toch weer een stap gezet en wat voor een! Nu hopelijk zonder dipjes opknappen. Sterkte weer en ceep calm!

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