Day -6

According to the treatment scheme, I am now in day -6. On day zero I will get my stem cells back. Today they administered carmustine, it made me nauseous and caused my face to hurt. The chemo was administered over at two hour period, luckily after that, the side effects cleared up. All that remains now is tiredness and a bit of a headache. Hopefully the chemo tomorrow will not have many side effects. None of the nurses here have any experience with the drug ThioTEPA, so they can only speak of possible side effects from literature and not from their own experience. The chemo will be given twice a day, once in the morning for two hours and once twelve hours later. I will have the same on Sunday.

Today Adrienne and te kids came over to visit. I was a tired and nauseous when they arrived. Adrienne took them to  kinderstad (a large indoor play area, on the top floor) so I could rest and the kids could play.. We had some time together when they came back so they could check out the ward, and as Adrienne brought dinner, they could eat here as well.

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