At the VUmc

This morning I ‘checked in’ at the VUmc in Amsterdam. The hematology department will be my residence for approximately the coming month. Tomorrow the chemo carmustine will start, on Saturday and Sunday they will administer ThioTEPA. Both chemo agents will destroy the bone marrow and one week from now my stem cells (that were harvested after the last chemo) will be reintroduced. They will repair the damage, but like last time, a weeks long period of severe shortage of white and red blood cells as well as platelets will follow. 

At the VUmc the entire hematology department is ‘isolated’, meaning that instead of having lock doors at the enterance of my room they are at the enterance of the entire department and I can leave my room and roam around the department, resulting in a less locked-up feeling as last time.

For now I have a room on my own, but when other patients develop symptoms that require ‘contact isolation”, I will have to move to a two or three person room.


Heel veel sterkte en succes Bram! Fijn dat je daar wat meer leefruimte hebt tijdens de behandeling. Ajeto!

Bedankt, de eerste nacht zit er op. Heb wel redelijk geslapen, wel vroeg wakker. Straks de eerste chemo. Hopelijk gaat dat zonder problemen.

Sterkte Bram!


Zet hem op, lieve zoon. Verlies de moed niet; dit is de laatste ronde, het aftellen is begonnen!

Bedankt, hopelijk verloopt het verblijf voorspoedig.

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