All you can eat sushi

When the immune system is compromised, and not working optimally, certain foods need to be avoided. Raw cheese, unprocessed muesli, raw nuts, raw meats and raw fish are amongst the things that should not be consumed, as they most likely contain bacteria or fungi. Sushi from an ‘all you can eat’ restaurant is probably leading the list of things you should not eat when your immune system is suboptimal. Sushi is Thomas’ and Nils’ favorite restaurant food, and they had been asking when we can go out for dinner again. Last week the hematologist told me that with my immune system I could eat everything again, and I need not pay specific attention anymore until my next treatment.

Therefore, yesterday evening we went out for sushi.


Super!! I hope you had a nice time!!

Eet smakelijk^^

Gelukkig! Die lichtpuntjes zijn nodig om op te laden. Geniet maar veel van die leuke gezinsuitstapjes!

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