Lymphoma disappearing, MS active

It was a long day yesterday. When I came home, I went to sleep after I kissed the kids good night. Therefore I didn’t take the time to update my website to talk about the visits to the hematologist and neurologist yesterday.

The MRI scan showed a further significant reduction of the lymphoma; they almost disappeared which is excellent. At the same time, however, it also showed five new active small MS lesions. That is a lot, and even though not acutely worrisome, it raises the question again whether some addition should be made to the last part of the treatment. I often asked about this in the past, so I found it disappointing that they had no direct answer to this. The neurologist will discuss this and call me next week.

The hematologist talked about the rest of the treatment. The last part of the treatment will take place at the VUmc, and as it will include the not often used ThioTEPA as a chemo-agent, they will keep me at the VU for the entire trajectory. The length of the hospital stay will roughly be the same as the one in Hoofddorp, so around four weeks. They will start on October 5.

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Wat fijn?! Hou de artsen scherp. Ze hebben af en toe wat sturing nodig ;). Dan gaat het helemaal goedkomen.

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