Feeling better

I have started to feel better since yesterday. Apart from being super exhausted after doing anything (even walking to the bathroom), I am doing much better. This weekend I felt sick, nauseous, had a headache and was shivering. Luckily these symptoms have stopped since the chemo ended Monday night. They gave me the chemo agent Ara-C for four days (Friday–Monday) and then twice per day; 9-12h in the morning and 21-24h in the evening. 

Yesterday I also changed the room, they had a bigger, more modern looking isolation room free. This room looks bright and is more spacious.

As a side effect, this chemo will wipe out my immune system, which is why I am in isolation. They monitor the blood levels of the lymphocytes and when they start to grow again (they are still dropping now), I will be admitted to the VUmc, for the stem cell harvest. Their guess is that that will happen around two weeks from now.


Fijn om te lezen dat het voor nu beter met je gaat en dat je promotie qua kamer hebt gemaakt. Komende week is adrienne ook weer terug en dat is natuurlijk iets om naar uit te zien. Dag Bram. Hou je haaks.

Hey Bram,

Wat goed dat het beter met je gaat! Enorm blij met je laatste update. P.s. Een grote vent verdient gewoon een grote kamer! ???

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