Going to Hoofddorp

Tonight I will be admitted to Spaarne Gasthuis, in Hoofddorp . I called the head nurse of the hematology department today to tell her that I was surprised by the last minute changes to the treatment plan and to talk about what I can expect. She told me that they carefully talked to the VUmc yesterday with the team of experts there, about my situation and that they agreed that a four-day course of Ara-C was more suitable than a two-day course. She told me that tomorrow morning they will place a PICC line at the radiology department. This is a catheter that will be used for the administration of the chemo therapy, antibiotics, and other medications. At the same time, this catheter can also be used to draw blood for blood tests.
The Ara-C will be given twice per day for four days. Because as a side-effect it will destroy my platelets and white blood cells, I will have to be in isolation until the immune system is restored. This could take 3-4 weeks she told me. Isolation means that I can’t leave my room and that there can be only two visitors at the same time in my room.
They will treat me with antibiotics as a precaution to prevent infection; sepsis could lead to serious complications.
I feel ok at the moment, my hair has started to grow again, and my veins have stopped hurting. It feels counter intuitive to go to the hospital to feel sick. I have to try my best to keep the end goal in mind.

The address for regular mail is:
Spaarne Gasthuis
T.a.v. Bram Platel
D3 Oncologie, Hoofddorp
Kamer 3C02
Postbus 417
2000 AK Haarlem


Good luck!

Wat een leuke foto-collage, Bram! Daar word je elke dag toch weer een beetje blij van. Net zoals die van alle Bram-bekkies die Theo heeft verzameld. Wij zijn elke dag in gedachten bij je en live zoveel als we kunnen. Tot zondag in elk geval! xxx

Toi toi Bram!

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