Admission to Spaarne hospital tomorrow evening

The hematology department at the VUmc called me this morning. They told me that they were having problems and were over booked. Therefore they will now admit me to the Spaarne Gasthuis, a hospital in Hoofddorp that the VUmc collaborates with. If you thought the VUmc was far away for visitors, they just proved that it can be worse. Tomorrow evening I will be admitted and the chemo will start on Friday.
Also, the hematologist of Spaarne called me today and told me that his opinion was that the planned two-day course of Ara-C (the chemo agent), was too short. He told me that he spoke to the VU (some hematologist I have not met) and increased this to four days. These last minute changes make me extra nervous. I thought the treatment plan was well thought out by the experts at the VU, I wonder wether it is a good thing that this plan is changed by a hematologist who doesn’t know the ins and outs of my very complex case….

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