One day before the appointments at the VUmc

Tomorrow are my appointments at the VUmc in Amsterdam. The meeting with the hematologist should bring clarity about the remainder of the treatment. I will start with an MRI scan. Hopefully, it will show a positive effect of the first two months of chemotherapy at the Jeroen Bosch hospital. The results of this scan will only be communicated to me on the 20th. They told me that the outcome of this scan does not alter the remainder of the treatment.
I will also meet the professor of pathology who only recently completed the final assessment of my brain biopsy specimen. She offered to meet me so that she could inform me about their final judgments and explain why they concluded that a primary central nervous system T-cell lymphoma is considered to be the most appropriate diagnosis. Apparently, the biopsy specimen revealed oligoclonal T-cell proliferation. The definition of cancer is that it is monoclonal (a single cell divided, resulting in clones of itself), oligoclonality implies that a few different cells multiplied themselves. Oligoclonal T-cell proliferation is super rare, and occurrence in the brain is undocumented. I am curious what the pathologist will tell Adrienne and me tomorrow. Most importantly they assured me that they believe that the treatment that I am following is the most effective.


Heel veel succes morgen!

Spannend Bram. Hopelijk een keer goed nieuws binnenkort!

We wachten in spanning af op goed nieuws Bram! Heel veel succes

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