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Back in February, I started this blog to keep my friends, colleagues, and family members up to date, without having to tell the same story over and over again. At the same time, writing down what was happening gave me the time to structure my thoughts and to process all the things that were going on. The only downside to continuing this blog is that people can be very interested in my situation, and can keep up to date with every detail without me knowing about it. When someone calls, visits, sends an email, card, or text message, I am instantly reminded that they care. Unfortunately, I can’t tell if someone obsessively reads my blog. I enabled ‘comments’ on my posts so that people could leave a note, but I understand that this is somewhat cumbersome (I enjoy reading them though).

On Sunday I decided to post my story, with a link to my blog, on Facebook. I had been thinking about sharing my story on Facebook since I started my blog, but I hesitated. Facebook normally is a place to share happy events. Pictures of babies, travels, food, kittens, and misplaced quotes usually fill my timeline.
Facebook tells me that I have 288 ‘friends,’ and among these are people that I have never even met in real life. I could not imagine that these ‘friends’ were interested in reading about my unfortunate situation. There are no pictures of adorable cats on my blog, and my ‘food picture’ is not nearly as appetizing as the photos that usually fill my timeline of fancy dishes served at exotic restaurants.

Regardless, the replies I received to my post were heart warming. Thanks to everyone that took a moment out of their day to read my story and leave me a message.


Deze lurker meldt zich 😉

Ik zal vaker ff een comment posten om me te melden, en om de broodnodige shout outs te geven

Peace! 😉

Hoor hoor, woord omhoog!

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