Thomas visiting

Thomas came over for a long visit. Adrienne brought him and he stayed the entire afternoon. We folded a paper snake for Nils, watched a bit of Netflix, played Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch and we went to the hairdresser in the hospital. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling too great today. I have a bit nauseous feeling in my stomach, perhaps caused by the antibiotics I’m getting as a prophylaxis, perhaps caused by the chemo. Nonetheless, we had fun.


Hello Bram!

Last time I saw you, it was Chloe’s first birthday. You looked so well and happy. I just found out about the sad news. My prayers for your fast recovery. I liked the picture you shared, the one where Thomas visited you. Stay strong and God bless. I know God will heal you ?



I remember! Hopefully, the next time I will see you I will look the same 🙂 Adrienne, Thomas and Nils are visiting Manila in August!

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