I wasn’t feeling well yesterday afternoon. I developed a fever and my documentation said to call the oncology department as soon as I developed a fever > 38.5C. My thermometer said 38, 38.2, 38.3 and around 18.30 it said 38.6C. So I called the oncology ward. I had to come to the emergency room, where they took blood, urine and did a thorax X-ray. By that time, my temperature had dropped to 37.1C. Since my immune system is compromised, they are extra careful. After the exams and after the blood test showed no infection, they sent me home. I developed a clogged nose and snottiness, so some cold virus has likely infiltrated my nose. The nurse told me today that the hematologist sees no reason not to start the chemo tomorrow, so back to the hospital tonight (before 20h), for the last part of course two.

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