The first chemo of course one is in

The first chemo of this course is in. It hasn’t changed how I feel; it only colors my pee bright yellow. Think of the radioactive rod’s color in the opening sequence of The Simpsons; it’s like that color, except I don’t think it glows in the dark (I can’t try it because the light in the bathroom turns on automatically).

Overall I must say that I feel much better than anticipated. The first course wasn’t as bad as I expected at all. I haven’t felt sick, or nauseous. I am more tired, but MS familiarized me with that already, I find it manageable by not doing too much in a day. I have a dry mouth, my eyes are watery sometimes, and I lost my hair, but to me, these are all minor, well manageable, side effects. I do have a cold now, and that aggravates my MS symptoms, luckily it seems to be getting better (let’s hope it is resolved before the chemo impacts my immune system again).

Yesterday I felt apprehensive about starting course two. I didn’t feel sick, and being at home was nice. Sometimes I have to try hard to keep the end-goal in mind. Now that course two has started, I have accustomed myself again to the hospital.

Thanks again for your cards, emails, messages, flowers, and visits. They mean a lot to me and are definitely not a bother. I feel fine, so don’t hesitate to drop me a note, or plan a visit!

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You could pee in a dark corner of the hospital to test your hypothesis? Just blame a random nurse if they ask. I actually want to know if it glows in the dark :)…

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