Today I was sent home. My blood values are ok, the level of Methotrexate in my body is low enough, and I feel ok. I had no acute reactions to any of the chemo agents, Methotrexate, Teniposide, and Carmustine. I do feel bloated still and my colon is hurting somewhat, but this can also be due to the high dose of Prednisone that I had to take up until today. Overall I must say that these first days have not at all been as bad as I anticipated. From what I had seen on TV (always the best reference), I was expecting the hard times to start as soon as the chemo agents would enter my bloodstream. I understand now that there is a delay as long as that no acute adverse reactions occur. The cytostatics are inhibiting cells from dividing, but it will take some time for the already existing cells to die. Therefore the real side effects mostly occur later. For now though, apart from being tired and having pain in my colon, I feel alright. On Tuesday the 30th I have to be back for the second part of the first course.

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