The second chemo is running

Yesterday went quite alright. Even though the Methotrexate couldn’t look more poisonous, there were no direct side effects other than very yellow urine. I even managed to get 20 minutes of exercise on the home trainer. The Prednisone that I get now every morning is giving me a stomach ache. Regardless I managed to sleep well (apart from having to get up to pee three times). The major side effects of the chemo would start in 2-3 weeks.

Today I am getting Teniposide, which doesn’t have a funky color. It is being pumped into my veins now.

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Wat fijn dat het tot zover ” goed” ging Bram, en wat een prachtig uitzicht heb je daar!
Alsof je zelf ook op een soort bootje zit en langs de huizen vaart….. Dikke kus van je tantetje

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