Checking into the Jeroen Bosch Hospital

My room is ready for it. Today they did some tests, they examined my blood, lymph nodes, my heart, lungs, and asked me many questions about my history.  Now (since 20h) I am getting lots of liquids trough an IV, to make sure that my kidneys continue functioning with tomorrow’s Methotrexate in my system. I am exhausted, so I should go to sleep. To keep myself motivated I am playing a slideshow of my family pictures on my iPad, which makes a nice photo frame. Check out the video below if you are interested.


Pauline Horsthuis-Platel

Vanuit Hengelo stralen we heel veel warmte en sterkte door naar jou Bram. De video van die prachtige familie geeft je vast genoeg motivatie en kracht om de komende periode te doorstaan. Heel veel moed en hoop gewenst!

Wat een prachtige slideshow!!! En wederom veel sterkte toegewenst.

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