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Today finally I had a good discussion with the hematologists and neurologist. A second biopsy is really recommended by all specialists here. Without a definite diagnosis, the hematologists don’t know which treatment they should choose. There are still four possible diagnoses that they think of. They still think a b-cell lymphoma is most likely. Followed by an immune dysregulation, and a t-cell lymphoma. What is even more unlikely, but needs to be excluded, is a rare viral or fungus infection. Treatment with a chemo that destroys the immune system (treatment for all of the other hypotheses), would quickly make such an infection fatal. Today I should speak with a neurosurgeon about the risks and the planning of the second biopsy. Yesterday evening an MRI was made, this didn’t show any significant growth.

[update 17.30]
I was just told that the neurosurgeons only now discussed my case and came to the conclusion that they needed the input of the surgeon that did my first biopsy. He is only there tomorrow. So they will come back to me tomorrow around 17h…

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