Back to square one

In the morning nothing happened, in the afternoon the eye exam was repeated, again resulting in no findings. Then the results of the lumbar puncture came in. In the cerebrospinal fluid cytology (the study of cells regarding structure, function, and chemistry), the cells appeared normal (but the sensitivity of CSF cytology varies widely (2%–32%)). They also used something that I believe is called immunological marker analysis, to study the cell surface markers, to try and identify monoclonal (cancerous) cells, again this didn’t yield anything. I don’t know the sensitivity of this test. So basically we are back to square one. The hematologist says that they will not treat with chemo without a definite diagnosis. That is why they want to go for a second biopsy. I don’t know if that is the best and I have my reservations about his. I don’t understand why they think they would find anything different from the first biopsy (the first biopsy was taken in the right place and produced proper samples). Such a biopsy has risks for serious complications. Both the hematologist yesterday and the neurologist I saw today could not answer my questions. Because it is Easter, many of the people involved in my case are not there, so I can be home until Tuesday. Only then my questions will be discussed.

So now I am home, hoping that nothing will happen. Up to now apart from being exhausted, I feel relatively ok.

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