Pathology still not conclusive

After another nerve wrecking day and night, my neurologist called me at 14.30h, and she informed me that the histology was still inconclusive. The main assumption is primary central nervous system lymphoma, but I got the feeling that the final conclusions about the specific type are still not yet known, and these are important for the treatment plan. The pathologists involved (my neurologist assured me that the best pathologists are working on it) have to wait for more stains again. It is without a doubt very atypical, but essential to correctly classify. The suggested follow-up treatment (chemo, radiation, etc.) is dependent on the tumor subtypes as far as I understand. The generic treatment I am using now (dexamethasone 8mg), is suitable for all types of lymphoma and does not need to be changed.

So again no definite diagnosis, and no treatment plan. My neurologist expects this to be ready on Monday or Tuesday. She will call me tomorrow, and make an appointment in the hospital, with her and a hematologist. She would rather meet me and Adrienne in person than have a phone call about this, I agree… More waiting to come….

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