The next days

A lot of exams were to follow. To characterize a tumor, they would need to look at its cells, obtained with a biopsy. A brain biopsy is a risky undertaking, and when it can be avoided that has the preference. Therefore they planned following exams to look whether the tumors were also to be found in other, more accessible places. Since they strongly suspect lymphoma, an eye exam was planned (apparently lymphoma can also occur in the retina) and a PET-CT to look for tumors anywhere else in the body. None of these exams showed any other places of activity. I didn’t know whether that was good or bad news. A talk with the neurosurgeon was planned on Friday, to discuss the subsequent brain biopsy.

I was feeling a lot better by the end of the week. I no longer had any serious symptoms anymore, they didn’t have to wake me up in the night, and even my balance and speech were back to how they were half a year ago.

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